Scangrip Lighting

Scangrip lighting systems offer some of the most innovative and useful industrial portable lighting systems to help you illuminate your work space and light up even the most awkward of work spaces. Scangrip lighting provides the strongest and most comprehensive range of durable and functional LED work lights and is Europe’s leading and trendsetting supplier of work lighting solutions for professionals.

With tools including bright LED work lights, industrial head lamps, industrial flashlights and torches, tripods, scaffolding brackets and other accessories the Scangrip lighting range has lighting tools for all applications.

Scangrip is now introducing a completely new generation of original NOVA-work lights, the best, most sturdy and highly unique COB LED work lights for the professional market.

Here’s some quick links to out most popular Scangrip products:

Check out these Scangrip products in action: Scangrip Lighting Product Demonstration

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