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Direct Drive

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Airmate 2 Airmate 6 Litre Air Compressor – 05295 From: £109.00 ex VAT
Extreme 3T Compressor Extreme 3T Compressor From: £379.00 ex VAT
Silverstone-2 Compressor Silverstone 2 Compressor From: £169.00 ex VAT
71 Type Professional Upholsterers Kit £199.00 ex VAT
£199.00 ex VAT
Esprit 3 15L Compressor From: £249.00 ex VAT
Airmate 10 Bar Compressor From: £219.00 ex VAT
Bamax BX230/50 Compressor £219.00 ex VAT
£219.00 ex VAT
Bamax BX340/100CM3 Compressor £389.00 ex VAT
£389.00 ex VAT
Bamax BX340/50CM3 Compressor £329.00 ex VAT
£329.00 ex VAT
Extreme 3 30L Compressor From: £389.00 ex VAT