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Scrail Framing Fasteners

Our Scrail Framing Fasteners are an innovative revolution in the fastenings industry, combining the fast drive speed of a nail with the easy removal, adjust-ability and holding power of a screw.  Scrail fasteners are rapidly driven into wood using common pneumatic nailing tools, like our Fasco Framing Nailer:

The half nail, half screw innovation from Scrail is driven into boards at double the speed of collated screws, and at eight times the speed of bulk screws. The speed and performance of Scrail fasteners means that for minimal time investment you get the maximum holding power. Saving time on the job also reflects a saving in labour costs, so these fasteners will help the performance of your application by saving you valuable time and money!

They are suitable for a vast collection of screw applications and are compatible with your existing nailer. Due to their aggressive thread design, Scrail Framing Fasteners reach 80% and more of the holding power of screws!

Their adjust-ability is a flexible advantage compared to collated screws, as Scrail fasteners are easily adjustable and removable after placement.

This screw nail hybrid gives you the best of both worlds; Fast driven like nails, easily adjustable and exceptional holding power like screws.

Scrail 34° Strip Nails From: £28.59 ex VAT
Scrail Roofloc Hex Head Fascoat Nails From: £100.44 ex VAT