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Fasco Framing Nailer 50-100mm


Tool for half head 30-34° wire welded strip nails with length from 55 to 100 mm and 30-34° strip SCRAIL® (fine thread, coarse thread) from 50 to 75 mm

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Fasco Framing Nailer 50-100mm: ( Code:AN3004, Model: F6AC HHN31 – 100A ).

  • Rubber comfort grip: reduction of vibrations and fatigue.
  • Extruded aluminium alloy magazine: holds three strips of nails.
  • Tool-free depth of drive adjustment to countersink or flush drive nails.
  • No-mar tip storable in the canister: ensures undamaged wood surfaces.
  • Two finger trigger for greater firing control.
  • Body and cap in high strength magnesium alloy: balance and ease of handling.
  • Patented sequential fire / bump fire (CT/SS) device: the safest in the world.
  • Toe nailing work contacting element: excellent gripping of wood.


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