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Mirka Gold Sanding Discs 150mm H: 6 + 1

This durable, all-round sanding material is very well suited for high speed sanding in a multitude of applications. Gold features semi-open and special stearate coatings designed to prevent clogging and pill forming which helps achieve an optimal sanding result.

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Suited For

Automotive Refinishing
Construction & Decoration
Wood Processing
Composites Processing
Do It Yourself
Marine Industry
Vehicles Manufacturing

Suitable Materials

Hard wood
Non-ferrous metal
Paint stripping / removal
Paint sanding
Plaster / Putty
Body filler
Soft / Resinous wood
Synthetic materials
Copper alloys / brass / bronze
Glass fibre

40G Pack 50, 60G Pack 50, 80G Pack 100, 100G Pack 100, 120G Pack 100, 150G Pack 100, 180G Pack 100, 220G Pack 100, 240G Pack 100, 280G Pack 100, 320G Pack 100