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Felo Series 355 BLX 9 Set 9-pcs

355 009 01

Code: 355 009 01.

Precision-engineered Hex drive L – Key set, made from a special rust-resistant and high-torque alloy.


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Felo Series 355 BLX 9 Set 9-pieces

Features of the Felo Series 355 BLX 9 Piece Set includes:

  • Manufactured to the optimal hexagon shape.
  • Precisely formed and made of special American high-torque alloy (Protanium™).
  • Precisely machined ballpoint, and precision-engineered critical contact areas.
  • Black ballpoint tip for accurate fit.
  • 30% increased anti-rust protection due to unique coating.
  • Careful tempering guarantees optimum hardness and elasticity.
  • Sizes: 1,5mm/ 2,0mm/ 2,5mm/ 3,0mm/ 4,0mm/ 5,0mm/ 6,0mm/ 8,0mm/ 10,0mm.
  • 15 years manufacturers warranty.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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