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Felo Torsion 25mm Bit C 6.3

This innovative screw bit is designed to prevent sustaining damage from high torque applications, resulting in excellent performance and longevity.


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Felo Torsion 25mm Bit C 6.3

This high performance bit has an innovative design to absorbs torque peaks which effectively prevents damage to the screw bit. With their intelligent design, these Felo Torsion screw bits have an extra-long working life, and can keep going for up to three times as long as standard screw bits!

Key  features of Felo Torsion screw bits include:

  • Absorbs torque peaks.
  • Substantially extends tool life.
  • Reduces contact pressure.
  • Selected high performance steels.
  • Optimized geometry.
  • Customized production.

Check out our Felo E 6.3 Bitholder Impact 1/4″ to pair with this Torsion screw bit for maximum performance and for effective damage prevention from high torque applications.

These bits are also suitable for use with any size of our extra strong and highest quality Felo Magnetic Bit Holder.


PZ1, PZ2, PZ3, PH1, PH2, PH3